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Want to use the Fermentor Control Program with the NBS BioFlo fermentors ?


From version 4.0 of the Fermentor Control Program provide support for the BioFlo fermentors (III, 3000, and 110). The program supports all data collection and control functions. There is one problem though, switching on and off loops is not possible, as I have not been able to get this last information from New Brunswick Scientific.

Download the program from the download page.

Technical Data:

Program works with:

BioFlo III, BioFlo 110, and BioFlo 3000 fermentors
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP
Min. 333 MHz processor
Min. 64 Mb ram
Min. 200 Mb hard disk space
Standard serial port (RS-232C)

A 3-wire cable (see below)

Setting up the fermentor - computer connection:

The connection between the host computer and the BioFlo fermentors occurs through the PC serial port (RS-232C) to the RS-232 port on the fermentor. In this file you can find information about setting up the cable and fermentor for the connection.

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Last modified 29 januar 2005 07:28