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Q I have problems getting the communication to work between the fermentor and the computer?

A There is a tool that you can download to help you resolve the problem. But first, check that the cables and converter are correctly installed/connected as instructed on the Technical data. Then download the communication test tool for your fermentor type and copy it to the folder, where the Fermentor Control Program is already installed. The communication test tool program is continuously sending a signal to the fermentor and will display a text message whether the communication is working or not. Furthermore, a Test log file is saved. If you need specific help or advice, please attach the test log file from the communication test tool to your Email.

Q The test tool is working with my fermentor but the Fermentor Control Program does not ?

A You need to login to the Fermentor Control Program. Then go to the 'Setup' menu and select 'Options'. Here you need to select your fermentor type. You need to exit the program and then restart it.

Q The data that I collect from the fermentor are wrong or setpoints are not updated?

A The decimal delimiter (e.g. 3,1 or 3.1) is not correctly handled by the Fermentor Control Program. The program tries to follow the international settings on your computer. However, in some cases this can go wrong. The solution is to set the international setting to 'English'. This will affect your other programs as well.

Q The temperature or stirr values are wrongly set or returned from the fermentor?

A There are several subtypes of the BioStat fermentors that have different temperature and agitation ranges. Try to select a different BioStat fermentor.

Q My PC does not have a seriel port?

A As USB-RS232 converter connection cable from National Instruments has been tested and works with the Fermentor Control Program. Just install the driver and the program will work through the USB serial port.


Data Storage:

Q What type of database is used?

A Currently a Microsoft Access database is used (version Access97). It is a relational database with three tables.

Q Can I add offline data to the database?

A Yes, there are three separate offline data fields in the database that you can access from the Fermentor Control Program. Furthermore, you have full access to the database with Microsoft Access, form where you can edit any data.

Q Can I update the database to Access 2000 format?

A Yes, but be aware that you cannot make a replica of the database. This will brake the compatibility with the Fermentor Control Program.


Fuzzy Logic and Neural Network:

Q What is the input file format for fuzzy logic and neural network?

A The files used by the fuzzy logic control module (6 .MF and 4 .FUZ files) and the neural network module (Sensor.NNF) are all in tabulated format. This means that each data point in the file is identified by TAB character in front of the point. This makes the files easy to read and edit in a simple text editor. Do not use spaces instead of the tabulator as this will fail to be recognised and loaded by the Fermentor Control Program.

Q How do I sample offline data for the software substrate sensor?

A The software substrate sensor can be trained with any offline measurement used to determine the substrate concentration. There are many kits available using simple methods for e.g. glucose, methanol, or other substrates used. We have with success use simple dip-sticks to determine the glucose concentration during yeast fermentations, and used a blood glucose meter like the Ascensia Elite.


Internet Remote Control:

Q What can I control with the Internet Remote Control?

A You can control all the process setpoints as in the Fermentor Control Program.

Q Will the Internet Remote Control work through a firewall?

A For the Fermentor Control Program built in internet server to be visible through a firewall, you need to make a static mapping of the port that the server use. Please refer to the manual for more information. Talk to your system administrator about setting up the static mapping of the server.


Support of Other Fermentors:

Q My fermentor brand is not supported?

A To get the Fermentor Control Program to work with the different brands of fermentors, I need a protocol that describes the way the hardware sends and accepts data from a PC. In the cases of B. Braun Biotech and New Brunswick Scientific there have been no problems in obtaining the information needed. However, requests for the communication protocol to Applikon and Infors have both been unsuccessful. Infors has provided information for connection to their own control software.

Q Can the program support more than one fermentor?

A The Fermentor Control Program can only support one fermentor at a time. If you need multiple fermentor control you will have to look at commercially available software packages.


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