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Internet Remote Control Program

for the

Fermentor Control Program


The Internet Remote Control Program makes it possible for you to control the fermentor unit from any online computer in the world. The Internet Remote Control Program is essentially the same as the Fermentor Control Program, but the remote control gets data via the Internet TCP/IP connection. As part of the Fermentor Control Program a server program can be started, and through this the Internet Remote Program pass and retrieve control and process data.

For safety, the server program can be set to accept only one remote IP number or set to allow any connection via the client program. With the Fermentor Control Program provided server running, this client program is all that is needed to manipulate and monitor setpoints. Please refer to the manual for further information for configuration options.

Click on floppy disk to start downloading the Internet Remote Control Program

The newest version for computers with version 4.3 or higher of the Fermentor Control Program

Download Client v2.1 (zipped, 3.8 Mb) (Updated 15-02-2005)

Please consult the manual for installation information. NOTE: If you cannot see the textbox where to enter the fermentor IP address you need to update windows with this patch

Technical Data:

Version: 2.1 (view Release History)


Temperature, pH, pO2, substrate, agitation, anti foam

Transferred data:

Fermentation time, temperature, pH, pO2, agitation, acid used, base used, substrate used, anti foam used, date and username logging, TCP/IP logging. Data are saved in a tabulated ASCII text file. View data.log
Data can be saved and analysed in any spread sheet program, e.g. Corel Quattro Pro or Microsoft Excel

For further information or suggestions please contact: Mikkel Holmen Andersen

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