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Fermentor Control Program


Stepwise installation manual:

After you have downloaded the program, unzip the file into a temporary folder.

Run the setup.exe program found in the temporary folder. On NT, 2000 and XP you need to be logged in as administrator.

After the installation has completed try to run the program. You can find it in the program list.

If you have any problems (mostly seen on 98), try to restart the computer and then try to run the program again.

If you see that data with errors is recieved by the program, try to change the setting of your comm port: Look under system->device manager->ports. Select ports settings and click Advanced. Set the FIFO recieve and transmit buffers to the lowest value (1)

Run regsvr32.exe on the jmail.dll found in the Fermentor Control Program folder. This will registre the jmail.dll with Windows and allow it to run. The dll is used to Email enable the alarm module.

If there is still problems you need to install some patches and drivers from Microsoft.

Firstly, run the file called MDAC_TYP.exe. It is installed with the program in the Fermentor Control Program folder. You can also download MDAC_TYP.exe from (Currently I use MDAC version 2.8).

Install this.

Secondly, download the database engine Jet 4.0 (Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 (SP8)). It is being moved around by Microsoft, thus you will have to search for it at their site.

Install this.

Finally, for windows 98 you may need to download and install DCOM98 in order to in order to install the Fermentor Control Program.

Windows 98 -> DCOM98:

If you continue to see errors or the program is unable to connect to the fermentor then consult the technical pages. You are welcome to contact me for further help, just remember to attach the Error.log and test log files from the connection test program. See Technical data .

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