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Feed Control for IRIS


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The intelligent substrate feed control is a small plugin for Infors' IRIS fermentor control software. The control hooks onto the IRIS and uses fuzzy logic and neural network as software sensor for estimating the process substrate concentration. This value can be used for controlling the substrate feed rate. New feedrate set point and estimated substrate concentration can be passed back to IRIS for data logging.

Basic knowledge of advanced fermentation process control, fuzzy logic, and neural network is of great advantage. You can find a small list of web sites, books, and articles on these issues here: Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks. Use these as a starting point for further reading. Furthermore, the manual for the Fermentor Control Program will be useful reading as the present Intelligent Feed Control is an extraction from the program.

Version: 1.0


Intelligent control of the substrate feedrate using fuzzy logic and/or neural networks software sensor.

Program works with:

The IRIS Infors fermentor control software.

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Last modified 18 July 2002 13:49