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DNA MicroArray Analysis tool


With more than 5000 spot on a DNA array chip, double labelling, and sometime poor annotation of bait DNA, finding interesting genes can be an astronomical task without some form of automated processing. The DNA microarray analysis tool can be used to search for over- and under-expressed genes in data files from the Axon Instruments' chip scanner and GenePix software. Fully integrated with Microsoft Excel and the PubMed database to automate annotation of scored genes. Results are written to simple text files for further analysis.

Technical Data:

Version: 1.1

Program works with:

Data files from the Axon Instruments' chip scanner and GenePix software.

Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Min. 333 MHz processor
Min. 64 Mb ram
Min. 20Mb hard disk space

Microsoft ExCel installed


SQL Database Search Tool


Want to search for specific protein sequence patterns, then this is the tool. Download the NRDB database (>600.000 proteins), convert the database, and you are ready to explore the database for your sequence motifs. The program uses the Microsoft Jet database engine and SQL (Structured Query Language) formatted queries to search for your proteins of interest. For instance, you want to find all proteins in the database that contains the integrin binding sequence motif, RGD, flanked in any distance by cysteines, the query would look like this: *C*RGD*C*. This could be refined to: *C*RGD????Y*C*, which would search for sequences where a tyrosine is found in position five after the RGD motif. Help examples on how to build complex queries are included.

Technical Data:

Version: 1.0 (includes Jet engine, if you would like to use the faster MySQL engine let me know)


Database download and conversion, SQL queries. Search header and/or sequences.

Target data:

Sequences matching your queries are displayed in listed form and you can view every sequence by selecting it in the list. All or selected sequences can be save to disk in FastA format for further analysis in other programs.

Program works with:

Windows 95/98/NT
Min. 133 MHz processor (the faster the better performance)
Min. 32 Mb ram
Min. 350 Mb hard disk space (the faster hard disk the better performance)




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